Get Talking about State and Local Tax (SALT)

A dash of SALT goes a long way.

You want to help your clients stay compliant and avoid costly sales tax errors. But not all accounting firms want to create a dedicated SALT (State and Local Tax) practice either. No sweat. Avalara has you covered with SALT–in-a-Box.

Use our step by step program created specifically for accounting professionals. Its a set of tools that enables you to identify risk among your current clients AND to establish controls that ensure risk is proactively addressed in the future.

There’s no cost to you, and there will be a high return as you deliver more value to your clients.

SALT-savvy in action.

Now, imagine during an upcoming meeting with a client, you help them better understand their risk and introduce them to sales tax automation with Avalara. They follow through and install Avalara AvaTax. Coincidentally, a year later they’re audited by their state’s Department of Revenue. Sounds scary, right? Except now, they are able to provide accurately-calculated jurisdictional tax returns and correct documentation for exemption certificates.

A little SALT is good for you (and for your business).

Our on-demand training and tools help you address client risk now and in the future. We make it easy to build on your expertise, deliver more value to clients and boost your business. Here’s how you’ll benefit:

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