2017 Thought Leadership Webinar Series

Learn best practices and get sage advice from leading experts on sales tax compliance. Our wide network of presenters will cover everything from audit preparation, new Amazon laws, drop shipping rules, the latest trends in sales tax rules, and more. Sign up for one or attend the whole series!

Many business are left wondering who is responsible for sales tax? That’s a question not easily answered without understanding the rules of the game. Sales tax guru Marilyn Wethekam, J.D., LL.M. will demystify drop shipping rules and explain:

  • When a 3rd party triggers sales tax
  • Whether sales or use tax is owed
  • Why drop shipping often creates nexus
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Many tax experts call use tax the ‘forgotten’ tax. That’s because many companies unknowingly neglect managing it properly. The fact is use tax is a big deal. That must be why State Auditors often claim that errors is use tax are the number one red flag. Attend our Field Guide to Use Tax presentation to set you down the right path.

Sales and Use Tax Expert Christine Martin will explain:

  • The major difference between sales tax and use tax
  • How to identify examples of use tax in your business
  • How to easily file and report use tax for a safe audit
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Sales tax filing and reporting rules vary between jurisdictions in major ways. Each state has unique filing schedules, forms, payment thresholds and other administrative requirements that make staying on top of returns challenging. Following a few best practices can help you avoid costly penalties and fines. Join sales tax compliance and tax technology expert John Sallese as he explains:

  • Which part of the returns process is the biggest area of tax risk
  • How to identify whether your business has “nexus’ and should file in multiple states
  • The most common remittance errors
  • What typically happens when you fail to register
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Coming in 2017

  • April 5 – Sales Tax Audits Uncovered
  • April 18 – How to Determine Sales Tax Nexus
  • May 4 – Definitive Guide to Sales Tax